Accessorizing New Floors with New Rugs

My husband finally had a contractor put in nice ceramic tile in the bathrooms and the kitchen. The tile in the kitchen looks like stone. It is beautiful and is not slippery. The tile in the bathrooms is from Italy. We got a bargain on it. After it was all done, I went online and looked for rugs for sale to accent the colors and textures of the rooms. My husband shook his head and motioned to the floor in the kitchen wanting an explanation for the little rugs that were now in strategic spots on the nice new tile floor. I told him it was normal. I explained that us women like our nice new floors, and we see them as spaces we can liven up and accessorize. He laughed and got a glass of orange juice.

Our dog really likes the rugs. She will lay on the tile when it is hot, and then she will lay on the rugs when it is cool. She has no problem with them. I like it that I can have the look and feel of carpeting in the spots I want, and that I can then throw those rugs in the washer and dryer when they get dirty. You cannot do that with carpeting. You can clean a carpet all day and never get all the dirt out. Washing the rugs I have sanitizes them. Not having carpeting really makes the dust more controllable in our home.

I like the site where I found rugs for sale. They even have shag rugs that are really cool looking. Sort of a throwback to the 1970s. Our daughter really likes the ones she has in her room. I kind of like them too, but I am not bold enough to use them anywhere else in the house.